Our Fibreglass Services


We manufacture and produce all custom parts for Scania trucks and for Coles Custom. The parts we make include the sun visors and window panels and wheel arches.

We also offer fibreglass repairs within the automotive sector.

Our processes involves creating a mold for the application, and applying the fibreglass so that a shape can be rendered.

After the process of layering the fibreglass, and resin together, a brand new, rough feeling new automotive part has been created.

The final step is cutting off the rough edges, sanding down the outer layer of fibreglass, priming it, painting it, and then polishing it for delivery.

Depending on the severity of the job, many repairs, or replacements can only take a matter of days, before the vehicle is ready for the road.

Scania Truck Purple

Boat Restoration Projects

We offer a full restoration project service this includes structural work as well as cosmetic work under taken. Fibreglass Repair Centre


Production Moulding

From your moulds we can deliver high end quality products. Mass production or one offs whichever you may require. Boat Restoration Projects

Pattern (plug) and Mould construction

From idea to product we can fulfill any mould build requirements you desire. Including new moulds and implants or existing mould remodeling and refurbishment.